Take back what ad blockers steal from you

Our state-of-the-art technology, modern procedures and perpetual development enable us to overcome all known ad blockers. We repossess lost ad inventory to website owners and digital publishers and protect their investments.

The ad blocking phenomenon

In the past few years, the usage of ad blockers swelled at a double digit rate. The losses inflicted by ad blocking are expected to climb up to $35 billion annually. Antiadblock.com overcomes all of the known ad blocking platforms and unlocks inaccessible inventory and reach for publishers.

Our solution

Our approach to unlocking blocked ad inventory is holistic: antiadblock.com is not only a technology, but and entire solution. It reflects our expertise in several divisions of publishing: development, content, ad sales and ad delivery.

Why work with us?

We know your business

  • We are publishers too and therefore we understand the challenges you face.

Business support

  • We seek and proactively recommend alternatives to monetize the recovered ad inventory.

Best in class development team

  • Our team of developers belongs to the top in the industry. We build on top talent, knowledge and expertise.

Perpetual development

  • Ad blocking tools evolve and adapt constantly and so do our solutions.

Main advantages of AntiAdblock

Ads compatibility

  • Display, video, rich media, mobile
  • Instream and outstream video
  • Tracking codes and pixels

User experience

  • Optimized performance
  • Untampered page layout
  • Compatible across devices and platforms

Easy setup

  • One universal tag per site
  • No maintenance needed
  • Simple and hassle free operation

Friendly pricing

  • Flexible pricing model
  • Optional cost structure
  • Transparent billing model

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