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 We belong to a privately owned group of companies with a track record on the Czech online media market. All our projects are represented by top talents in the industry helping us develop a successful and growing enterprise.

Standing on the publishers' side since 2015

ANTIADBLOCK was originally developed as an in-house solution with the aim to stop the losses that several of the group's websites suffered due to the rapid growth of use of active ad blocking tools among users. A site devoted to games with almost 50% of ad blocked traffic was merely a tip of the iceberg. After the atempts to ask the comunity to kindly switch their ad blockers off or to start paying a symbolic subscription in order to keep the service alive failed, there was no other alternative than trying to find a way around and fight the phenomenon. After a team of developers succeded and implemented a working model on the group's owned and operated websites, it took only a while before other publishers on the market had noticed it and expressed their interest. This led to separating ANTIADBLOCK from the group as a standalone entity devoted to helping publishers regain the ability to fully monetize their content. In 2017 we saturated our local market and started looking around some neighbouring and European markets. After encountering both success and failures in fulfilling our ambition to grow globally, we have continuously evolved and adopted our service to the ever changing market demands (and interesets). While many of our competitors went out of business due to the high demands of developing, operating and maintaining such service, we prevailed and kept hoping for the best. As a result, ANTIADBLOCK remains on the maket with a strong and transparent proposition: we help publishers of digital content gain access to fresh, previously inaccessible revenues. 

Although the period of lockdowns and stay-at-home policies proved that we can work remotely and do business without merely seeing our counterparts, this is where we are a little bit old fashioned. We like to meet with our clients and partners face to tace and discuss what drives their business, and find out how we can help. Gaining first hand experiences from real-life social interactions is difficult to be replaced by technology of any sort or level. Check the Where To Meet Us section on the homepage and see if there is a chance we could meet in person and answer your questions directly. See ya!
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I have been working regularly with the Andtiadblock team for over four years. Open and sincere communication as well as their ability to solve unprecedented issues swiftly is what I walue most. Their technology is solid, reliable and constantly evolving.


CEO, Advertising Partner

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Martin joined AntiAdblock with the aim to help the company grow into a self sustainable business and, above all, to bring the solution to publishers around the globe. Martin has a masters degree in business and marketing and over 15 years of experiences in the media industry on various sales and management positions.


Jan is the lead of AntiAdblock development and day-to-day operations. After graduating in Biomedical Engineering and Cybernetics he left the IT industry and earned his living in modern circus and street theater. After 8 years he settled down and resumed his IT career, first building websites then e-shops, advancing to ad-serving platforms. He is always prospecting new ways to be one step ahead of the blockers.


Matej’s engagement in the online media began in 2012, gradually focusing from commercial roles to product and project management. He became immersed in working with data, targeted advertisement, programmatic systems and yield management. He worked on these agendas for the biggest digital publishers in the country.

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